Free PSN Codes?? is this what you are looking for? of course you were searching for this term that’s why you are on our Website. Let’s talk about how to get PlayStation Network (PSN) Codes for free Without Being scammed.

Everybody Loves Free stuff and if you are a game lover then you must know that PlayStation is best gaming platform, and of course PSN Codes are used to activate  PlayStation games.

Now i will show you how you can get free PSN Gift Card (Codes) in next 5 minutes.

What are PSN Gift Card/Codes?

The term PSN refers to “PlayStation Network” is a digital media entertainment service provided Introduced by Sony Interactive Entertainment. PSN Codes are redeemable codes Which can be used to Activate PlayStation Network Products digitally. PSN Codes are same like Software and games Activation Keys/license codes. PSN codes can be found in different types of PSN Gift cards.

How To Get Free PSN Gift Card (Redeem Codes)?

There are two ways to get free PSN redeem codes. By signing up for websites which provide free PSN gift cards and by using online PSN gift card generator. I will discuss about second method (i.e. PSN Code Generator tool) because it is the most safe and best known method for getting free PSN redeemable codes.

How to Get Free PSN Code Using Online PSN Generator

I know a question will be popping out in your mind that how and why we are providing PSN gift cards for free? Answer is very simple and that is you must have listen about online advertisement. We use google ads on our site that help us to run and maintain this website so we DO NOT ASK FOR MONEY to provide free PSN Codes.

So let’s not take it to so far and get back to our main topic which is getting free PSN codes using online tool/generator. Please follow all the instructions as they are given below to successfully gain your PSN gift card. If you followed all the steps as it is then you will find that it was so easy to generate free PSN codes, because its only gonna take your less then 5 minutes.

How to – Instructions:

(i) First of all you need to visit Online PSN Generator page.

(ii) Choose your desire gift card ($10 Gift Card, $20 Gift Card, $50 Gift Card)

(iii) You’re all set! Now generator will take some time to generate your chosen PSN code depending on PlayStation Network servers response.

(iv) Once your PSN code is generated you can redeem it in PSN.

During PSN code generation you might see a message “Unusual Activity Found” or “Human Verification Required”. This usually happens when someone tries to use our generator to generate PSN codes by using bots or automated programs. We have protected our tools with anti-bots scripts so that no one could misuse our services and PSN gift cards go to right hands (real human users).

So if you see any of these messages simply take a minute or two to verify yourself by completing an offer (trust me this will not cost you anything).

Final Thoughts 

You may find many websites claiming that they will provide you free PSN codes and either they ask for money or they scam you. So my advise is to beware of such sites cause they might also harm your device by asking you to download malicious programs. Happy Surfing!

If you have any question or you are facing any difficulty using our Online PSN Generator please drop a quick comment below this post and we would be happy to assist you with any problem.


  1. I’ve tried 13 of those webpages for code generation….they’re all garbage. Each one will send you to the same series of annoying pages.


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